Tuesday, 28 September 2010

First Blog

As part of my final year on a textile crafts course I have decided to keep a blog as part of my visual research and monograph preparation.

I am interested in using reclaimed fabrics and garments to reconstruct. I like taking old worn textiles and transforming them into something beautiful, yet keeping the original charm of the textile- wrinkles, worn patches, loose threads.
Throughout my last year I will be searching for textile designers that embroider and manipulate fabrics for a fashion collections and also looking for techniques in distressing fabrics and making them look old and worn.
Il also keeping an eye out for fashion designers that are inspired by nature and organic forms, keeping colours, pattern and materials natural. And i'Il also be looking for the opposite- designers that use brash, bold and kitch colours and designs and use materials that have been man-made.

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