Sunday, 3 October 2010

Lesley Bricknell

Lesley Bricknell creates pieces that are made from disgarded clothing and paper. She is interested in the fragility of materials and the idea that of time - pieces may be temporary as they are made from delicate materials

'My work evolves from a number of sources. For example working directly with materials that I consider have a certain potency or history. These are frequently worn and discarded fragments torn, unpicked and cut up from pieces of rejected work. I am attracted to fragile and barely held together surfaces and structures. In the idea that a piece of work may only exist for a short time, is recorded and then destroyed. In all these pieces threads are intentionally left uncut and tangled. Edges fray and unravel. Stains are allowed to travel unhindered.'

buried wedding dress

These are photos of her wedding dress which she buried then dug up after months but still left it outside on a washing line. Later she stained the dress with soot and ink.

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