Friday, 1 October 2010

the slow revolution

Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution

A touring exhibition from Craftspace curated with Helen Carnac.
The exhibition will open at the Margaret Harvey Gallery, University of Hertfordshire, St Albans, on 13 October - 30 November.
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Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution takes as its starting point the issues emerging from the Slow Movement, which developed as a response to our increasingly fast lifestyles and our unsustainable consumer culture.
Slowness is also associated with craft skills: skill which is acquired over time, cannot be rushed and is intuitively learned. Many makers today are developing critical positions in response to our consumer behaviour; questioning modes of production through new processes, looking at issues of stewardship and sustainability, as well ascollective making and reworking everyday objects.
Craftspace has collaborated with the maker and academic Helen Carnac to develop the research, exhibition and its related events programme.
On the web has current news about the exhibition and related events.
Discuss the ideas of the exhibition with others including artists and the exhibition curator at

See how two of the artists recorded the progress of their work for the exhibition.

“The Slow revolution is sweeping through our fast-forward culture as people everywhere discover that decelerating helps them work, play and live better. taking time exhibition shows how craft fits into this Slow culture-quake. It offers a thrilling reminder that every object has a story behind it and that the art of making matters hugely to all of us.”
Carl Honoré, Author of In Praise of Slow
Gary Breeze - Lettering Sculptor,

Neil Brownsword – Ceramics,
Sonya Clark-Hair, beading,
Rebecca Earley-Upcycling – fashion,
David Gates–Furniture,
Matthew Harris-Textile artist,
Amy Houghton-Animation: video and porcelain,
Sue Lawty–Textiles,
Elizabeth Turrell -Enamel artist,
Judith van den Boom & Gunter Wehmeyer-Slow design in China,
Heidrun Schimmel-Textile artist,
Paul Scott & Ann Linnemann –Ceramics,
Shane Waltener & Cheryl McChesney Jones -Participation & social engagement,
Esther Knobel–Jewellery,
Ken Eastman & Dawn Youll-Ceramics

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